MyPay has developed a robust payments engine that permits you to receive, manage and pay funds. This service is accessible to MyPay’s purchasers through a collection of easy-to-user relaxing APIs with JSON payloads. The central plan is to cut back the price, risk and energy commonly related to managing complicated cash movements that will help you to target growing your business.

Our purchasers will receive and reconcile funds via Real-time transfers, direct credits/debits using MyPay Wallet. Our purchasers pay funds via Real-time transfers direct credits using MYPAY wallets/Banks. Moving cash between numerous MyPay accounts is additionally real time. All cash flows (in and out) of the Engine are as quick because the banking industry permits.

Purpose of the document

The purpose of this document is to provide details of the technical specifications of MyPay Checkout API integration with third party (i.e. various merchants who accepts alternate payment than cash) using APIs.

The sandbox atmosphere is for testing to be used by Developer Portal at no price. The sandbox atmosphere permits you to check out the practicality of our API in a free development atmosphere. Access to the live atmosphere is granted once you've got our compliance method and had formal sign-off on your sandbox integration.

API documentation for Order creation is provided below with API authentication details and basic input output parameters and API URLs