MyPay For Woocommerce


This is a wordpress plugin to add [MyPay] digital wallet to WooCommerce.
Please notice that [WooCommerce] must be installed and active.
Contributors: mypaynepal, wwwbijay
Tags: mwoocommerce, mypay

Requires at least:
Tested up to
Stable tag:
mGPLv3 or later

MyPay is a digital wallet in Nepal that was established in the year 2021. Since then it is Nepal's fastest-growing digital wallet. We provide a simple and quick wallet service to you. After a decade of learning and testing, we are delighted to bring you a service that is primarily designed to make life easier and affordable. Not only will this organization provide excellent service, but it will also provide exciting offers along your digital trip.


  • Go to the plugin section in your WordPress dashboard


  • Click on Add New and upload the zip file of mypay-for-wooCommerce plugin and upload it
  • After installation is complete, go to the WooCommerce section and to Settings
  • Go to Checkout option where you can find MyPay among other payment gateways
  • Click on MyPay option, check testmode and enter your test Merchant ID, User Name, API access password, API Key, provided my us.
  • Click on save changes and complete a MyPay wallet transaction to pass the test
  • If you pass the test, Go to keys section in your merchant account, you can get your Live Merchant ID, User Name, API access password, API Key.
  • Enter your live Merchant ID, User Name, API access password, API Key, and click save changes.

For more information, visit: [MyPay]

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